Inspired by a family legacy that encompasses sixty years of commitment to the fashion industry, Volare New York’s inception can be traced back to founder Gene Lu’s grandfather, a specialty tailor who was renowned for his skill with fur and leather. Upon arriving in New York City as a young immigrant from Shanghai, Gene was instantly captivated by the gorgeousensembles and sophisticated style that he found himself surrounded by. His desire to make an impact on international couture was finally realized in the fall of 2008, when Volare’s first winter collection launched and proved to be a resounding success. Gene chose to name Volare after Dean Martin’s timeless song atthe suggestion of his cherished customer Hannah, who shared with him that the melody had always been a happy reminder of her early twenties. He was deeply touched when she declared that, fifty years later, his garments had the ability to make her feel just as young and beautiful as she had then. From there on, it has been Volare’s philosophy to match, or surpass, every customer’s experience with that of Hannah. Our greatest aim is to reveal the unique, inner spark that resides within all women. At Volare, clothing that captures the spirit of true luxury is considered not only empowering, but essential. For that reason, each piece in our passionately curated collection is designed to embody art – magnificent, wearable art. From conception to completion, we champion innovative techniques and quality above all else to give our customers the standard of value that they deserve. Offering everything from silver-screen goddess glamour to edgy and contemporary elegance, our outerwear and accessories are created for you with the ultimate care and respect.